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Exhibition World Bahrain, 2023

E-ZONE: Exhibitor badge registration

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E-ZONE: Exhibitor badge registration

Exhibitor Badge Registration

All personnel working on your stand from 27th November and throughout the show will be required to have a badge. There are three types of badges available:

- Contractor badge: contractor badges will only have access during build up times and will not have access to the show during opening hours. Click here for more information on registering your contractors. 

- Exhibitor badge: all personnel from your company that will be working at the stand

- Service staff badge: any personnel working on your stand that will need access during show hours, e.g. stand catering staff, hostesses

Register your exhibitor and service staff badges by clicking the link below:

Badge Registration

Your Exhibitor Badge Allocation

The  exhibitor badge allocation is

Any additional badges will be charged at $50 per badge.