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08 Oct 2019

Vigor Bahrain RB-M

Vigor Bahrain RB-M

The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Coast Guard accepts delivery of three Response-Boat Mediums Built by US Shipbuilder, Vigor Industrial

This September the Bahrain Coast Guard (BCG) accepted delivery of the first three Response-Boat Mediums (RB-M) built by US shipbuilder, Vigor Industrial as part of a six boat FMS sale. The RB-M is recognized as a signature boat for the United States Coast Guard built by Vigor. To date 190 RB-Ms have been built including two delivered earlier this year to the Royal Jordanian Naval Force.


 “Vigor is honored to provide the BCG with these vessels. The RB-M has been well proven for its performance as a multi-mission patrol boat with excellent reliability.  We are pleased to see its popularity spreading internationally. We are confident they will help BCG effectively achieve its important mission objectives in the Arabian Gulf.” said Bill Blount, Vigor Director, International Sales.


Vigor fabricated the vessels at its Seattle, Washington facility using high temp resistant aluminum. The RB-M’s were upgraded with an Arabian Gulf hot weather package that includes additional air conditioning, thermal insulation and an aft deck GRP canopy.


Key features of the boats include a 92000 BTU HVAC system, Rolls Royce Kamewa FF375S waterjets and two MTU series 60, 825 BHP engines. Machinery is housed in a positive pressure space and further protected from dust by a double filtration system. This design feature greatly reduces the danger of dust accumulation harmful to optimal performance in achieving their primary missions of patrol and search and rescue. 


Vigor is known internationally for its high performance combat and patrol vessels. They include the Combatant Craft Medium (CCM) and the Combatant Craft Heavy (CCH) for the US Navy as well a number of unmanned surface vessels (USV), the most recognized is the 40 meter Sea Hunter, launched in 2016 as part of the DARPA Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel program. The company is currently building the prototype for US Army landing craft, Maneuver Support Vessel (Light).

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