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Exhibition World Bahrain, 2023

Who Should Exhibit?

BIDEC Off-Site Activities

Who Should Exhibit?


"Bahrain is a strategic market for us and a very prestigious place to be.

We were pleasantly surprised at how successful BIDEC 2019 was for us; we met with several important units including the coast guard, the Commander of the Navy of Bahrain, and the UAE delegation also visited us.

We will always participate in the future, count us in for BIDEC 2021."

Peter Boules, Export Manager, SIEL SRL

Who Should Exhibit?

BIDEC will showcase over 200 exhibiting companies, and will welcome over 10,000 visitors & VIP delegations who will be attending the show to meet current & new suppliers and establish new distribution channels.

BIDEC provides outstanding business opportunities for companies specialising in the following technologies and services:

  • Air Defence Systems
  • Airframe Manufacturers
  • Air-to-Ground and Coastal Defence Systems
  • Anti-Piracy Technologies
  • Anti-tank / Wall Breaching Weapon Systems
  • Artillery Systems and Ammunitions
  • C4ISR Systems
  • CBRN Detection, Identification, Warning and Protective Systems
  • Close Defence Weapons
  • Clothing - Camouflage
  • Command, Control and Communication (C3) Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Cyber Defence - Electronic Warfare
  • Day-Night Vision Devices
  • Defence Barriers & Walls
  • Diving and Underwater Operations, Vehicles and Equipment
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Engines and Transmission Systems - Propulsion Systems
  • Geographical Information System - Position Finding - Navigation
  • Government-Related Security Organizations
  • Guns and Ammunition
  • Helmets, Visors, Masks, Ear and Eye Protection
  • Hybrid Electric Power Systems
  • Information Security
  • Land Vehicles
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
  • Media
  • Missile Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Parachuting and Air Delivery
  • Private Security Companies
  • Satellite Communications
  • Search, Rescue and Safety Equipment
  • Shipbuilders
  • Sighting / Aiming Systems
  • Software for Military Applications
  • Sonar and Radar Systems
  • Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Security Systems
  • Tactical Equipment
  • Target Acquisition / Rangefinder
  • Testing Equipment
  • Training Equipment - Simulation Devices
  • Unmanned and Autonomous Systems
  • Weapons and Combat Systems